Chicago Will Be Hosting A Star Wars Galaxy Movie!

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Even six years after it was officially taken down, the Star Wars Galaxies Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG for short) is still going strong in fan communities that had carefully struggled to recreate the experience of the Star Wars Galaxies game back when it was new. Though some controversial patches were created that many felt detracted from the gaming experience, many fan communities have sprouted up to run servers for the game that fans and players can still access. Though this is no longer the truly global setup of the original, there are still tens of thousands of players of these emulated games running, each of which has its private in-game economy and culture, a situation made even more entertaining by the video game’s built-in systems of factions and player character jobs.

Most of the emulation servers had implemented the code for the game before it was given the controversial patches, while periodically releasing patches of their own. Because there is no longer any central authority, the only real rule for what these fan run servers can and can not do with the game’s code is that they have to scrupulously avoid using any of Sony Entertainment’s proprietary coding innovations that the company still uses and considers too economically valuable to transform into abandonware. This is due in large part because some other Sony video games of recent generations use this same proprietary coding that makes their conventional products a unique experience, transforming the code into a valuable intellectual property for the company.

One server, in particular, is based out of the city of Chicago, Illinois. This server is among the more accessible and better-funded servers, bringing in donations from fans across the United States, as well as contributions from natives of the Chicagoland area. The primary data center of the Chicagoland Star Wars Galaxies community is based on the Chicago Board of Trading Building, an important center of global finance and one of the most secure buildings in Chicago. By basing the server in this building, the fan community behind the server is capable of being able to continue to host their Star Wars Galaxies games even in the event of some disasters. Anything ranging from one of the Mid-West’s infamous snowstorms to a terrible summer power outage to even potentially widespread rioting and civil disturbances. That this building is also reasonably secure from hackers is another significant advantage of basing the game’s data center in this location.

The Chicago Star Wars Galaxies community is also a part of the Chicago community as well. The Chicago Star Wars Galaxies community has recently announced that they will be hosting a Star Wars Galaxy Movie. Intended to be an event by the series’ fans for the series’ fans, like so many great fan projects of the past few decades, the movie hosting has not announced a date or time yet. However, it has been promised to be a fan film intended to encapsulate the storyline of the Star Wars Galaxies plot while capturing the drama and mystique of the Star Wars series without a fortune being spent on special effects. The Star Wars Galaxies community has funded this film solely from donations from fans of the game and film series as well, intending it to be a crowdfunded endeavor, as much to avoid legal hassles to maintain the creators’ financial security when dealing with something so expensive as a professional grade movie. The Star Wars Galaxies community of Chicago will announce the exact date and time when their film will be screened soon.

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