Should Star Wars Be Filmed In Chicago?

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While this may seem like a bit of an odd idea, there are a large number of people who think that Star Wars should be filmed in Chicago instead of being filmed in Hollywood. There are some reasons to believe this, but a lot of them are pretty impressive. In fact, it’s a bit hard to make a case that it shouldn’t be filmed in Chicago, as it makes about as much sense as shooting it anywhere else.

In the first place, Chicago has enough people to make up all the different extras that are required for each of the movies. There is no shortage of people who would love to take a day or two off work and find themselves in the middle of a Star Wars movie. Chicago also has a huge number of actors and models, meaning that the people are not going to be under trained or inferior to people from Los Angeles in any way. In fact, their youthful optimism for the roles might make them better actors than jaded individuals from Los Angeles who don’t want to don’t want to be doing the movies.

Secondly, Chicago has a huge Star Wars fandom present and they are extremely active. While it may seem like there are Star Wars fans all over the country, the group in Chicago is particularly active and well connected. A huge number of the fans in the area are extremely proud of the information that they hold and are more than happy to show off their personal collections or reflect back on the times that they have seen the different movies.

It also isn’t strange to see people lined up outside of theaters for the new films, with people camping out for days on end for premieres. Many times there are people in costume, groups that have coordinated themselves to look the same, or even groups that watch the movies 10-20 times, swearing to look at it at each and every theater. These people would love a chance to claim at least one of the movies for themselves.

Third, Chicago is extremely proud of everything that comes out of the area and believes in supporting any company that comes in and does business there. This is important because it could mean an even bigger boost to sales numbers for Disney. This also means that there are an enormous number of businesses who would bend over backward for the production crew, hoping to make the whole experience for them as a whole.

Chicago also has the infrastructure necessary to support a large production. This city has everything the company could ever need, from sound stages to exotic locals, and we even have a large number of tech graduates who would be more than happy to help with the technical aspects of the video as well. This would help cut down on overhead, but would also ensure that people working on the project were local, allowing them to spend more time on the project without worrying about getting back to their families.

Overall, Chicago would be an excellent choice for the production of the next movie and it would be a better choice than the current setting. The public nature of Chicago would offer more to the crew, but would also offer more to the fans as well. This would be a great way for people who want to get involved to see themselves as part of the production and a way for Disney to create a new generation of fans.

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