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Monthly Feature: Star Wars Marketing

The Star Wars franchise is just as big as it has ever been these days, largely in thanks to the gigantic success of Star Wars Episode 7, The Force Awakens. Of course, Lucasfilm and their parent company Disney did their best to steep the film's plot in mystery. With so little details coming out, it could have very easily meant a nightmare as far as search engine optimization was concerned. As reported by seo companies "These days, online word of mouth means everything when it comes to generating buzz for a movie." However, the marketing campaign was incredibly savvy. They planned the release of just a handful of teasers and trailers around major events such as the Super Bowl and major comic conventions, where many people were buzzing about everything they saw all over social media with highly specific hashtags and keywords. Any relevant new search terms involving Star Wars were being cemented on a completely natural level. There was also a lot of SEO savvy behind what Lucasfilm and Disney were electing not to show people! Fans of the series were left with a lot of questions after the teaser trailers. Common examples include "who is Kylo Ren?" and "where is Luke Skywalker in Episode VII?" In essence, the company was creating long tail keywords that were being searched for and talked about left and right. Of course, the discussions always lead right back to the official sites and social media profiles for the movie itself and the Star Wars brand as a whole. It's honestly brilliant how much juice they were able to squeeze out of the marketing by holding back as opposed to giving everything away all up front. A local agency mentioned another interesting aspect of the marketing came in the wake of the merchandise releases. People noticed a distinct lack of merchandise for Rey, the female protagonist of the film. While initially the source of a lot of criticism over potential sexism from manufacturing providers such as Hasbro Toys and even Lucasfilm themselves, the old "there's no such thing as bad press" idiom held true. In reality, this move was something of a decoy to hide the fact that Rey was, in fact, the central character of the film, and the title itself even tied into her story arc. As the debates raged on about whether she was receiving good merchandising saturation when compared to her male cast mates Finn, Kylo Ren, and Poe Dameron, keywords about her and the film itself were being shot into the stratosphere. Interestingly, the aforementioned Hasbro Toys also took measures to hide details about the plot within their listings for the accompanying toys. Entries such as "SW7 villain" lined computers as place holders for names such as Kylo Ren. It's long been known that certain details about major movies have been spoiled by the merchandise information that slips out far in advance. As it turns out, the toy company's code names tied directly into exact search terms that rabid Star Wars fans were placing into their browsers day to day. It goes on and on. From establishing the most effective copy in Chicago social media profile updates and Youtube trailer uploads to divvying out new information in just the right amounts, the marketing team for Star Wars has shown a strong understanding of the importance of SEO. They have a lot of organic help from the fans of course, but it's still inspiring to see. At a glance, you wouldn't think search engine optimization would have much to do with the success of a movie, but as is often stated: the proof is very much in the pudding!

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