How to find a medical malpractice lawyer?

How to find a medical malpractice lawyer?

One word summarizes how many victims of medical abuse feel: cheating. The doctor they trusted would heal the pain made him worse. A doctor who in their opinion could diagnose the disease treated them because of a non-existent condition. A doctor who felt confident would be careful during surgery, instead making a mistake. How to find a medical malpractice lawyer?

Challenges of medical abuse claims

You might think that claiming compensation from a doctor who made a mistake that hurt you should be as simple as suing, say, a driver who caused a car accident that resulted in injuries. It has been like that for a long time. But over the past few decades, lobbying groups in the insurance and medical industries have been constantly pressuring to introduce torture reform laws across the country to make it harder to hold doctors accountable for their unlawful activities. The driving force of these provisions? Money. Doctors do not like to pay high insurance premiums, and insurance companies do not like to pay large damages.

Qualities to look for from a medical fraud lawyer

Because of how complicated Florida medical abuse laws can be, we recommend looking for a lawyer with the following characteristics:

  1. Knowledge of the law and procedure regarding medical abuse

The most basic requirement for any lawyer you employ to handle a medical malpractice claim should be a thorough understanding of how to meet the complex factual and procedural requirements imposed by medical error regulations

  1. Knowledge of the medical standard of care involved in your case

The main purpose of any medical abuse claim is whether the medical service provider has violated the standard of care when providing medical services.

How to find a medical malpractice lawyer?
  1. The right sense of urgency and resources to deliver

There is a relatively short period of time to pursue claims for medical abuse, especially when you are involved in pre-litigation proceedings prescribed by state law.

  1. Strong reputation and success

Because medical abuse cases occupy a special niche in the world of law, it is important to hire a lawyer who has a good reputation in this field and documented experience in resolving client cases due to medical abuse.

Where to find good, experienced lawyers dealing with medical abuse?

Call a lawyer’s association in your city, state or county. Most local bar associations have several search / referral tools to help you find a lawyer in a particular specialty. Remember that a lawyer association cannot give you specific recommendations, but offers lists of practicing lawyers in your area.

Talk to your insurance company. Your health insurance company can offer advice on fraud lawyers in your state.

Talk to another doctor. If your GP is not involved in any way, he or she may know of reputable medical malpractice lawyers in your region.

Ask your family and friends. Your personal network is always a valuable resource for finding a good lawyer. If you get any names, make sure you evaluate this representative yourself. Never just take someone’s word for such an important matter.

Ask lawyers from other specialties. Almost every successful lawyer knows good lawyers from other specializations.



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