Can I claim criminal injuries compensation?

Can I claim criminal injuries compensation?

Unfortunately, every year thousands of seizures and unwarranted physical attacks take place. By law, “assault” means any form of physical attack or threat of harming another person. If you have been intentionally injured because of a criminal assault, you may be entitled to claim damages. Can I claim criminal injuries compensation?

What are the types of attacks?

There are four different categories of “seizures” for which you can claim damages, regardless of whether you have suffered physical or mental injury.

Sexual assault: Refers to any sexual contact or behavior that has taken place without permission, including blindfolding, stalking, drug or alcohol sexual assault, child sexual abuse and rape.

Under UK law, the remaining 3 levels of assault are classified according to the intended level of damage and the type of injury sustained.

Common Attack: A charge that is often used when a person is hit or hit, but the victim has no signs or visible injury.

Seizure causing real harm to the body: a more severe attack that usually results in visible injury such as cuts, scratches or bruises.

Assault causing serious harm to the body: this is the most serious level of violent assault in which the aggressor intended to cause serious harm.

Can I claim criminal injuries compensation?

You can claim compensation if you have been the victim of a violent crime. This includes if:

  • you were hurt
  • a close relative died
  • you saw how the crime happened to a loved one (or was there immediately)
  • you paid for the funeral of a deceased person

You usually have to claim within 2 years of committing the crime. The crime must be reported to the police before submitting the application.

Can I claim compensation for injuries if no one has been caught or convicted?

Yes, but to qualify, you must be able to prove that you have fallen victim to a crime without your own fault.

The assault also had to cause physical or psychological damage, which then affected your life. This may include loss of appetite, nightmares, difficulty sleeping, fear of going out, anxiety or depression.

Can I file a request for assault?

Anyone who has been injured during a violent criminal attack in England, Scotland or Wales can apply to the Criminal Crime Compensation Office (CICA), provided his injuries are included in the CICA injury tariff.

To claim CICA, you must:

  • Be an impeccable victim of crime
  • As a result, you have suffered injuries listed in the CICA tariff
  • Reported and collaborated with the police



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